Six Day Prime Lens Challenge – Day 3 – Nikon 50mm 1.8 AF D on APSC camera

I am not going to go into much detail about this sharp little lens because, unlike the Sigma, there is tons of info about this one. It is after all one of the 50mm lenses that most are familiar with if you use Nikon. Only the G version, the more recent one, is ahead of it. The G lens is faster and quieter and basically better but that is not to say that this lens is a poor substitution. I picked mine up for only 80 euro. If you have a Nikon DSLR, full frame or crop, get this. Unless of course you already have the G version.

Considering that the first day I shot with the Sigma lens that didn’t even metre on the camera, this was such an easy process. I put it on aperture priority. I changed the ISO from time to time but it was mostly at 200. I found the lens had trouble focusing in low light but otherwise I didn’t have to spend much time getting a shot. That helps a lot in street photography.

What was familiar about today was the fact that this combination of 50 1.8 lens on a Nikon crop body is my most used combination. It has accounted for more than half of all my portrait shoot images. It is in fact near ideal for full body and American cut (just above he knees) shots. The only one better is the 85mm on full frame. (85 on crop produces a fov of 127.5mm which means having to stand too far from the subject for comfort, in my opinion).

So 50mm gives an fov of 75mm on Nikon APSC. Yes, it’s not the easiest focal length to deal with. In fact, I initially thought my shooting trip would be a write off what with the weather and the limitations of this narrow focal length. Not wide enough for many applications and too wide for shooting birds, for example. This lens length is about detail. Finding elements in a scene. I did a couple of close up shots that worked OK. Bokeh is not bad on this lens. I think the G might be better. I thought that was all I could do until I went from the suburbs onto the streets on Cork and then it all changed. The 50 on apsc is actually surprisingly useful for street photography. It’s more a portrait lens at 75 and therefore is very good at singling out subjects while still keeping a little of their context. From across the street it can very effective for wider shots. Here are some pictures I took:


Why not try the Prime Lens Challenge yourself? And let me know how you get on. In the meantime please like and subscribe for more. Thanks


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